You are starting a new business and you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors with a logo that is so unique it gets everyone talking. Last year, I had a client who is a personalised travel agent. She travels between Cairns and Sydney to give her clients an experience of the most visited place with iconic buildings  = Sydney  + The Far North of Queensland.

The travel agent explained to the her Chinese travellers that they should keep an eye out for snakes or other types of animals moving in the rainforest. The travel agent is a huge wildlife warrior and turned around to chat about the different environment when suddenly the chinese group started getting animated and pointing. This time around, there was a cassowary dad with his chicks moving through the rainforest.  She said in a very soft voice without moving:

Don’t move suddenly. Keep very very still. If you yell or get too excited he could attack me! Is there baby chicks at my feet? (They nodded) Yes they are baby cassowaries and the dad does look after them.

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