Check your moods during this Coronavirus Pandemic!

Check on your moods

Every day the world is dealing with coronavirus. It’s is in our faces. Coronavirus doesn’t judge who it wants to infect + kill. In my lifetime I never thought I would be dealing with a pandemic. I think of my grandparents ~ my nana who would talk about having a ration book for things like meat, sugar and butter.


Maybe we should go back to having a ration book because this would mean that everyone gets a bit of everything. Even in Cairns here, I still can’t get toilet paper after many weeks of coronavirus. . Is there an insanity monster hiding somewhere near the supermarket who jumps out at people and infects them with making weird + irrational decisions. Now is the time to stay calm + meditate, stay calm + read a book, or stay calm and do something around the house that you always meant to do but never got round to it.

Have fun!