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Do you hate Christmas Tags?

Xmas is here! Well........a few weeks away. I’m today talking about Christmas tags. These are ones that I’ve made. Do you like xmas tags?....or don’t you! What do you think? I am afraid I just have too many nieces and nephews and family members … remember. My memory is going. I was wondering whether it’s just a waste of time. Writing out tags... making tags....buying tags! The thing is,I made a heap of Christmas tags to sell at the Christmas markets. And I made shiny ones t...

November 30, 2017

Halloween Wedding Ideas

I love the idea of themed weddings! If I got married again, I probably would think about a theme for it and incorporate versions of it for the whole event. In my other business, I created 12 different themes for weddings throughout the year. These themes are events or celebrations that I like celebrating and hopefully you will like them too. I will try to remember what I wrote about for each theme but mostly I gave you links to where you could find the item or prop. ...

September 1, 2017

Rebranding, Revitalising & Refocus!

Rebranding is not just about business! ...

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