Rebranding, Revitalising & Refocus!

Rebranding is not just about business! 

It can be about yourself and your journey in life. It sounds a bit weird rebranding yourself but like a logo, you give out a feeling, how you dress is what they see on the outside until the get a little closer and talk to you to find out what you are like.

I find I go along in life hoping the things I want to change will automatically update themselves. When I started my first business I focussed on what I thought was the essential things like a name, business cards and logo. But I didn't understand what I was offering or for who. I did not know about social media and what to engage with.

It's like when you are trying to find a life partner and you keep dating the same sort of person who doesn't care if you come over to spend time with them or they just use you to pay for everything. Maybe they even tell you when you get a car that they don't have any time to see you.  He is just not that into you and you should find your soul mate who is. 

So tell me what do you do when life is not going your way? How do you pick yourself up and revitalise and refocus? Tell me in the comments below what are your tips.


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