Halloween Wedding Ideas

12 Months of Wedding Ideas.

I love the idea of themed weddings! If I got married again, I probably would think about a theme for it and incorporate versions of it for the whole event. In my other business, I created 12 different themes for weddings throughout the year. These themes are events or celebrations that I like celebrating and hopefully you will like them too. I will try to remember what I wrote about for each theme but mostly I gave you links to where you could find the item or prop. 

1. This setting is very similar to the creator Fenton Bailey's amazing creations. While he did not create this, Fenton has an amazing ability to visually create a atmosphere that is beautiful and utterly amazing. http://www.prestonbailey.com/c...

2. This cake is very similar to Verusca Walker's beautiful cake she made
https://verusca.deviantart.com.... These days you can go to a cake maker and ask them to replicate it. If you are in the Cairns area, I love using Passion for Cakes for all my parties and events ~ http://www.passionforcakes.com....

3.It is always fun to have a cake topper that represents who you are. I love this! Ebay has a variety here that you can indulge in ~ http://www.ebay.com/bhp/hallow...

4. Gothic style face painting is quite unusual! If you are keen to do this, hire a good makeup artist. Make sure they can create with the visual style you want and do a practice run in the weather that you will get married in. If the weather is particularly humid ( like it is here in North Queensland, Australia) then check that it will not start melting when you are saying your vows or being photographed.

5. Spider Place cards would add just a bit extra flair to your table setting.  I have found some cool spiders in Etsy which would fit the bill ~ https://www.etsy.com/au/listin... 

6. Dita Von Teese  married her partner of almost five years to in Marilyn Manson in this beautiful purple dress. He talks about it here ~ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/hom...

7. The Coffin Ring Box ~ If you have a crafty husband to be who can make this for you then do so otherwise you can buy something similar ~ https://www.etsy.com/au/listin...

The important thing about when you are creating a Halloween styled wedding is to find the dress first, then make everything match around it. I say this because probably because your wedding dress will be the star of the show. You can also include colours of white, black, grey and red.  Have fun with it! 

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