Beautiful paper gifts to make for Mother's Day

Make some cute succulents for Mother's Day

Succulents are all the rage at the moment! At Christmas time we went to visit my daughters in Sydney to some valuable time with them. My daughter showed me her succulent collection and I was hooked. Off to Flower Power which had an amazing array of plants and accessories. If you are the person that complains about plants, get some succulents. these paper ones would be ideal.

When you go to avantimorocha.com website, it will be written in a non English speaking language. Don't be afraid to hit the translate button which will come up like this...

Make beautiful peonies that won't die.

The next is a tutorial from Lia Griffith who I have been following now for a number of years. Her cute tutorials of these peonies means that if you make these for your mum or grandma, they will last for quite a few years with no watering.  

What are you giving your mum? If you have any cute suggestions then I would love to do something different for my step mum.

And your mum would love this beautiful quilled heart.

This cute paper quilled heart is glued onto a thick cardboard back using PVA glue. I would suggest to find a frame first and then a white backing board to fit the frame or cut it down to size. 

Go to your closest craft store or Spotlight to buy your supplies. A glue gun is a must in my house and I use it for a lot of craft things. The best ones to buy are the Bosch. Don't forget to stock up on glue sticks. When I make big paper roses for backdrops, I use a glue gun because it is faster but do be careful. I tend to often stick my fingers on the glue and burn them which is not a pleasant feeling. 


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