I am so passionate about foil, I want you to get as excited as I do. I am here to create something amazing for you in foil and paper. You will love the 20+ foil colours that you can choose from. One style is gold or white foil on black which is a gorgeous way to celebrate your sophisticated style and when your guests get their invitations, they will want to come. An invitation emotionally invites your guests to celebrate your unique beautiful wedding. 

You can have a lot more interesting things for your wedding then just candles or flowers for your centrepieces. You can have create a beautiful centrepiece that represents you + your style. Choose something amazing for your backdrop or for your cake topper.  I once created spinning centre pieces with an Australian design for the Cairns Art Gallery's 20th birthday dinner celebrations. The pieces were auctioned off for an amazing amount of money. Paper is the one medium that can be flat or scuptured.  And if you are struggling, send me an email  about what sort of wedding you are having and I will send you some ideas.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event - create a memory that lives on in your family and friends forever.


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