Halloween Wedding Invitations

Halloween Invitation

I like to think about different wedding ideas that can be beautiful but different. I have loved Halloween ever since my mother first made a heap of costumes out of crepe paper with props for a birthday party. You see, my birthday is on a day that every one is celebrating and so kids would come to my party she used to bring it forward during school time. 

This is a cute Halloween Wedding Invitation that you could use as your main invitation. I printed this design out on the laser printer and then put the Heidi Swapp foil on top of it using a laminator. Shrink it down an use it for Save the Date Cards. This Halloween design would still be effective if you just printed it out in black on white. 

I just love Halloween and have been celebrating it since I was young. My mum would make costumed for my friends and I to dress up with and now I have passed this on to my daughters. We make halloween inspired cupcakes. 

Did you know that Halloween origins date back to the ancient celtic festival of Samhain {pronounced sow-in}. Halloween is the evening before the Christian holy days of All Hallows' Day or All /Saints which is celebrated on November 1st. It dates back to 2000 years ago ~ I didn't realise how old it really is.

To really use this Halloween Wedding Invite:

  1. Print out the template on a laser printer. It has to be laser for the foil to adhere to the paper. They are pretty cheap and you can buy one from Officeworks for around $50.00 AUD
  2. You also need a laminator. Turn it on ~ let it heat up.
  3. Use the Heidi Swapp foil that you can buy from Spotlight and place it face down. Before you put it through the laminator, make sure it stays in place with tape and put another piece of paper on top before you feed it in.
  4. And walah! peel it off and all the black should turn to foil.
  5. Now it's time for your imagination to go wild. You can create for any event ~ xmas, birthdays, new babies..

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