Foiled Square Design Wedding Info Card


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Creating an information card has a detailed explanation of types of accommodation available to guests, if there is a discount code, or if the wedding party has a dress code. It can contain details whether children are welcome to come, if they want gifts or the couple is using a honeyfund card. It will have phone numbers of the wedding couple so that you can personally talk to them about any concerns you  have. Sometimes it will announce pick up times + places. Many people are allergic to array of different things which then you can discuss if you do have major allergies to seafood or gluten. I know one of my brides had three different accommodations to house all of her guests and you got to choose which one.

The main thing is to keep it simple as possible. Break the information down into areas like the save the date card, the response card with the number of guests coming, food requirements and accomodation and if you have a bus organised or they can drive up themselves.



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