5 Tips for creating beautiful wedding invitations.

My 5 tips for creating beautiful wedding invitations is very simple + easy to do. Pinterest is  your best friend. It can help you pinpoint elements you like for your wedding invitation. You might have done this already and have a Pinterest account with several images and ideas for your ideal wedding style.

Tip 1

Check to see what the wedding invitation trends are for the year. All you need to do is google wedding invitation trends + the year. 

For 2020 the styles are:

  • Acrylic
  • Blind Letterpress
  • Hand Written Calligraphy  
  • Minimalism Designs
  • Metallics  
  • Geometric floral and greenery.

Be a maverick + ask your artistic friend to design + create your beautiful wedding invitations. Then it really will be a piece of art for your special wedding day.

Tip 2

Use one or two metallic foil elements within the design to make certain elements pop. As shown in in my design for Heli, she picked their names and some gold flowers scatttered around the design.

Tip 3

Pick a really nice card stock that is at least 250gsm to 300gsm in weight. If you pick a lighter colour like a cream or white, you will be able to have a whole range of techniques that you can use like watercolour, motifs and crests. Darker colours can work well but you will have to make white blocks as I have created for this reply card for your family and friends to write their names.

Wedding Response Card

Tip 4

If you are using envelopes, get these first! By doing this you can get your designer to design your invitations 2 or 3mm smaller so the invitation will fit correctly in the envelope. If you have a large gathering, and know you are going to need 200 – 300 guests when means 150 invitations with reply cards, make sure everything can fit in the envelope without it costing you high postal fees. Take a sample to Australia Post and check the thickness of your combined stationery in the envelope. 

Check here for the Australia Post’s postage costs for 2020: https://auspost.com.au/business/shipping/check-postage-costs/pricing-updates

I believe that you and your partner want this moment to be remembered forever in the minds of your guests. By having a custom made design you get to choose your design, your foil colours and convey a style that is your own. Your customised design will have everyone racing to get on the phone or sending their response card very quickly.

Tip 5

One of the things I do create for my clients is a personalised honeyfund card. A honeyfund card has all the details of your bank account so that you don’t have to nominate a person to look after all the cash that people give you.  or a card that has your bank details for your guest

Create an invitation so unique that it’s getting everyone jumping out of bed so early that they are at your ceremony hours before the actual starting time.

Let me show you the tools I used to design my wedding invitation that I get asked about all the time.

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