Norie’s journey of design.

My mother was an amazing spirit. I really do wish she was here to see what I have become. She saw a gift in me and helped me develop it. She was arty herself learning to sew and bake and always encouraged me to be an artist. Here is a photo of my mum, holding up my first ever creation. I live in Cairns,North Queensland, which the Cairns City Council had a competition to bring art to the streets and bring joy. They gave everyone a piece of canvas that was…

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Read more about the article Check your moods during this Coronavirus Pandemic!
Check on your moods

Check your moods during this Coronavirus Pandemic!

Check on your moods Every day the world is dealing with coronavirus. It's is in our faces. Coronavirus doesn't judge who it wants to infect + kill. In my lifetime I never thought I would be dealing with a pandemic. I think of my grandparents ~ my nana who would talk about having a ration book for things like meat, sugar and butter. Maybe we should go back to having a ration book because this would mean that everyone gets a bit of everything. Even in Cairns here, I still can't…

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5 tips to creating custom wedding invites

5 Tips for custom wedding invites. My 5 tips for creating beautiful wedding invitations is very simple + easy to do. Pinterest is  your going to be your best friend or at least similar to a best friend. It can help you pinpoint elements you like for your wedding invitation. You might have done this already and have a Pinterest account with several images and ideas for your ideal wedding style. Tip 1 Check to see what the wedding invitation trends are for the year. All you need to do is…

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Getting Copper Foiled letterpress Invitations Made In Two Weeks

In this post, I will talk about the process of a letterpress printer, that more colours is not necessarily better and how having someone believe in you helps you grow. In 2019, I was contacted by a client who opening a nightclub here in Cairns.  We met to discuss the details of the printing process and the time frame. I was very excited that they had found me on Google. I had managed to get a review from a client. The nightclub was opening in two weeks and they couldn't find…

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Are wedding invitations really that important?

These days everything is so digital, so receiviving something so tactile like a hand crafted wedding invitation or save the date card is such a beautiful experience and I think very important in today's world. Receiving beautiful stationery that is made using traditional letterpress printing techniques is a beautiful tactile experience to receive invitations decorated with watercolour styles, using embossing techniques or even foil.I think so! It sets the scene for how you and your partner are going to celebrate your love together and show the world that this is a…

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Painting watercolour for your wedding invite

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