Norie’s journey of design.

My mother was an amazing spirit. I really do wish she was here to see what I have become. She saw a gift in me and helped me develop it. She was arty herself learning to sew and bake and always encouraged me to be an artist. Here is a photo of my mum, holding up my first ever creation. I live in Cairns,North Queensland, which the Cairns City Council had a competition to bring art to the streets and bring joy. They gave everyone a piece of canvas that was…

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3 Ways Blackboard Art is being used in 2020

Creating chalkboard art can brings a new awareness for your business. Do you know when the first blackboard was first used? It was in 1801, a headmaster and geography teacher called James Pillans, at an Old High School in Edinburgh, Scotland hung a large piece of slate on the classroom wall to get his message across to the children. As a child in the 70's, it was every child's dream to be ask to write on the blackboard. Chalkboards are used a lot now in the wedding industry and some of…

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Getting Copper Foiled letterpress Invitations Made In Two Weeks

In this post, I will talk about the process of a letterpress printer, that more colours is not necessarily better and how having someone believe in you helps you grow. In 2019, I was contacted by a client who opening a nightclub here in Cairns.  We met to discuss the details of the printing process and the time frame. I was very excited that they had found me on Google. I had managed to get a review from a client. The nightclub was opening in two weeks and they couldn't find…

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