My mother was an amazing spirit. I really do wish she was here to see what I have become. She saw a gift in me and helped me develop it. She was arty herself learning to sew and bake and always encouraged me to be an artist.

Here is a photo of my mum, holding up my first ever creation.

I live in Cairns,North Queensland, which the Cairns City Council had a competition to bring art to the streets and bring joy.

They gave everyone a piece of canvas that was specially made and asked them to paint images representing our beautiful region. The best ones would be displayed in the city streets as an art display.

I decided that I would paint the reef because it was so unique and beautiful. Even today, I still love painting the wildlife and the fauna of this region and hope that it will be here for my great grandchildren.

The background of my piece was supposed to be this beautiful rich purple but for some reason, the material sucked it up and turned it this weird grey colour. The fish and coral turned out beautiful .

Every child is an artist. The problem is how we remain an artist once we grow up. Pablo Piccaso

This set me on a journey of art, design and a job for life. I encourage you to find your passion, to explore, to push the boundaries of whatever it is you choose. Art can be many things!

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